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Awards Galore for our Pastoral Team!

During a stunning awards ceremony on 27th November, Highgate Primary were proclaimed the winners of the prestigious Guardian Public Service Awards 2017 in the Health & Wellbeing category.

Led by Katy Whitney, our fabulous Pastoral Support Officer, Highgate Primary has developed a unique therapeutic model to provide early intervention when a child is in need. The school has an on-site team of 17 dedicated professionals, made up of newly qualified volunteers and trainees, plus a wellbeing practitioner and a sports mentor, who work in partnership with staff and external professionals to support the children, families and staff to ensure the whole school can emotionally and academically flourish. In four years the therapeutic team has completed well over 1500 hours of 1:1 counselling, psychotherapy, art therapy, musical therapy, play therapy and group sessions with the children.

As Katy said “The spotlight is shining on mental health like never before. Winning such a prestigious award for what our school has begun to take as the norm feels hugely empowering. Prioritising emotional well-being is at the heart of all professionals working at Highgate Primary School. By working as a team they ensure that every child will thrive.”

William, our Headteacher, reiterated: “We know the positive impact our pastoral support team has on the health and wellbeing of our school community. To have their work recognised nationally is wonderful for the school and richly deserved.”

And on Monday 26th November, Katy Whitney was awarded Support Staff of the Year at the Haringey Council Outstanding for All Awards – what a week!

A huge congratulations to the Pastoral Team and to all the staff involved in helping to transform lives.

For more information about The Guardian Public Service Awards 2017 please read these articles by Nicola Slawson  and David Brindle in The Guardian.

Photographs: Nicky J Sims