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Growing Greener with 100 Trees!

Just over a week ago, our local builders’ merchants, Buildbase, delivered the generously donated materials for the new planters and after a week of hard work from our team of Green Council volunteers, the planters were built, full of soil and ready for the planting…

On Friday 19th January we received 100 saplings from Octopus Energy to help transform the school into an even greener and healthier space. Alongside representatives from Octopus Energy and Buildbase, Catherine West MP and Chris Collins, an ex-Blue Peter gardener, also attended to help our Green Council  start planting the 100 hawthorn, hazel, and field maple trees.

Catherine West MP said: “Looking after the environment and improving air quality should be a priority for all of us. I’m incredibly proud of Highgate Primary School’s Green Council which is made up from elected pupils. They put sustainability at the heart of everything they do, which is an important lesson for the next generation. I’m thrilled to be able to help the pupils plant the trees donated by Octopus Energy to form a new hedgerow to help mitigate the effects of air pollution in this highly polluted area.”

Oliver Brady, Branch Manager of Buildbase, Highgate said: “As a national company with local values, we are always looking for ways and means to help and be part of our local community, especially where there is a positive impact to be had and we can, as experts in our field, help make it happen with our top quality materials.”

William Dean, our Headteacher and avid gardener, was delighted and said: “The school takes its commitment to sustainability seriously and is always working to make the school look and be a greener place. It’s lovely to have our children actively involved in taking responsibility for our school environment.’’

Huge congratulations to the Green Council for making our new Green Screen happen and thank you to all the volunteers for their time and hard work. We are all looking forward to watching our trees grow over the years to come.