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Highgate Primary at the Medical Innovation Summit

On Saturday 14th April, our Pastoral Support Officer, Katy Whitney, and our first ever trainee Child and Adolescent Psychotherapist, Jane Brinson, were honoured to be asked to give a presentation at the Royal Society of Medicine’s 16th Medical Innovations Summit. This was followed by questions from an audience of 300 members of the Royal Society of Medicine and hosted by the Society’s President and Professor of Psychology, Sir Simon Wessely.

Katy and Jane were invited to talk about their views on child, adult and family mental health and well-being. Katy spoke about the development of the model at Highgate Primary School and the challenges faced in embedding such a service in a mainstream school. Jane then spoke about her role as Mental Health and Well-being Lead at Heathside School, and how she has taken the essence of the service at Highgate and built upon it to meet the demands of a large secondary school.

The RSM’s medical innovations programme is a flagship global initiative. Launched in 2008, the Society has since hosted over 230 innovators and entrepreneurs. Katy and Jane were delighted to be invited to speak, but more delighted to see that the importance of school based, early, systemic intervention is being both valued and recognised.