• Courgettes

  • Tomatoes coming along

  • Greenhouse grapes

  • Black Kale

  • Michael Batoux's cactus

  • Haws watering cans in the allotment

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Highgate Primary is Blooming!

It’s been a busy few months in the school grounds and allotment for Flo, our wonderful gardener, and all her little (and big) helpers. The flowers, shrubs, herbs, vegetables and fruit are blooming.

We are incredibly grateful to Haws watering cans for generously donating 40 beautiful watering cans to help keep our plants healthy and the children have loved helping. Watering is suddenly so much more fun!

A big thank you also to Brian, one of our school neighbours who attended Highgate Primary as a child, for giving us some of his pots, one which is now filled with a mini apple tree.

Thanks to the lovely hot May we enjoyed, the potatoes, tomatoes and courgettes are all thriving in the allotment, as well as the grapes in the greenhouse. Whilst in the green walkway, our ‘popcorn’ corn plant, and black kale are looking beautiful.

The gardens are not only looking wonderful but tasting rather good too!