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PGL 2022

We look forward to sharing news and photos from the Year 6 trip here…

Day 4

We woke up slowly and sleepwalked our way up to breakfast. It was another busy day ahead of us. In the morning, we learned how to build shelters, filter water and start a fire, as well as an orienteering activity where children had to race around the camp finding different flags from around the world.
In the afternoon, it was time to build rafts and take to the water to engage in a range of competitive games, where the number of children on the raft and the number in the water seemed to switch!
In the evening, it was disco time, but not before a first attempt at packing. Further attempts to follow tomorrow morning! We went off to bed quickly, looking forward to one final morning of activities ahead of us…

Day 3

The campsite was noticeably quieter at wake up time. To help them on their way, those who were awake wrote a lovely song which they sang in turn to each tent. It was greatly appreciated by everyone and we made it to breakfast on time.
In the morning, we all joined together and went kayaking. It was a lot of fun and the rate of improvement from every child was amazing to see. Lots of children also volunteered to take the plunge at the end, to much laughter and enjoyment.
In the afternoon, we took part in a range of different activities. We played capture the flag, abseiled off the top of a tower and took part in a hilarious sensory trail whilst blindfolded.
In the evening, we relaxed playing football, frisbie and cards, as well as having a quick, pre-disco sing along before it was time for a very well deserved rest.

Day 2

We woke up nice and early to a morning alarm from our local neighbours – a flock of geese. It was perfect timing after we had been given the first slot in for breakfast at 7am! We had a filling breakfast of croissants, porridge and a choice of dozens of different cereals. Food continues to be a huge hit!
We then headed out to our activities. We faced our fears on the Giant Swing as well as taking a leap of faith on the Trapeze. Some groups practiced their climbing skills, whilst others tried their hand at rifle shooting. For those who had not managed enough activity for the day, there was even time to fit in a run around the beautiful lake and forest.
We all gave our best to everything we did and by the time we arrived at dinner, the tables were ablaze with stories of triumph and success. In the evening, we participated in a fun pop quiz before going off to bed in record time.

Day 1

We had a very smooth journey and arrived at PGL around 2.30pm. The rain didn’t dampen our spirits and we were soon unpacking our bags in our tents excited for the week ahead. We met our team leader, Owen, who took us on a tour of the site and most importantly introduced us to the football and volleyball pitches. After a bit of a run around, it was time for dinner. We absolutely loved the food where we had a choice of sausages or chicken kiev and mash. The salad bar proved a hit, as well as the juice machines! In the evening, we played some games in our activity groups and turned one of our team memebrs into a robot. It was clearly a tiring day with silence descending upon the campsite by 10.30 pm, with all of the children eager to get to sleep and make the most of tomorrow.