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Runaway Success for Run a Mile

Run a Mile is proving ever more popular as the weeks go by, despite the colder weather settling in. Children, parents, grandparents and teachers are still rising early and completing their miles before school.  A total of 1292 miles have been notched up which would be enough to take us to Finland, Iceland or even the Ukraine!

The following dedicated participants have already run the equivalent of half a marathon each and were recognised in a special assembly last week on 9th November. Huge and well-deserved congratulations to the following:

Artie 1LP
Maeve 3MK
Nathaniel 3MK
Christian 3OP
Lily 3OP
Finlay 4DN
Diana 4DN
Lyra 4JS
Samuel 5EJ
Charlie 5NL
Owen 5NL
Bardia ​5NL
Arthur 6EH
Louis 6EH
Marcel 6EH
Olliie 6RB
Rhea 6RB

and the first and only adult so far to reach the half marathon milestone is Azizah!

Don’t forget, ​​if you want to win the  Christmas Run A Mile treat, then you need to ensure your class or group is at the top of the Run A Mile leaderboard by Friday 15th December…. Currently the first four are as follows:

1st – 6RB with 126 miles

2nd  – 6EH with 117 miles

3rd  – 3OP with 111 miles

4th – Parents & Grandparents with 108 miles

It’s a close race and anything can change between now and 15th December, so keep your eye on the leaderboard, (which we will publish once a week) and run those miles.