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Highgate Primary Science Day

On Wednesday 16th March, for British Science Week, we held a special Highgate Primary School day of science. The children, challenged to find out about a favourite scientist, came to school dressed as Sir David Attenborough, Ada Lovelace, Crick and Watson, as well as penguins, dinosaurs and even the corona virus.

We had our first whole school assembly in a very long time, when we thought about what ‘growth’ means in science. It was joyful to be together celebrating scientific achievement, past and present. Then each class investigated why the number of gentoo penguins in the Antarctic is growing, despite changes in their habitat caused by global warming. Using only a clothes peg beak, they built gentoo nests out of stones, to protect two eggs. We learned that the gentoo are thriving because they are adapting to climate change – they are flexible about where they live and what they eat, and they are egg-cellent nest builders.

It was a wonderful day!