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The Great Fire of London

Before Christmas, our Year 2 children explored The Great Fire of London. They examined the causes of the fire, the reasons why it was so devastating, and the attempts made to extinguish the fire. They considered the aftermath of the fire and its legacy, including the redesign and rebuilding of London. The topic used the events of 1666 to investigate the properties of a range of traditional building materials (wood, metal, glass, brick and straw).

As a grand finale to the topic, the children used a range of materials to create models of traditional Tudor houses which fed the fire and proceeded to re-enact the terrible fire itself. Here you can watch their re-enactment – we think it’s a gripping few minutes…

Many thanks to everyone who helped with the production, most notably:

The Model Makers – 2KI & 2EH 

Director – Pete Dodd 

Producer – Kate Imeson 

Fire Safety Officer – Terry Bengston