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Year 4 Adventure at Tolmers

Just before half term, all our Year 4 children set off by train and then on foot for their adventure to Tolmers Scout & Activity Centre in Cuffley for two nights. Blessed with glorious weather and treated to delicious food, spirits and energy remained high for the entire trip…

The exciting and challenging activities included archery, tower climbing, orienteering, obstacle  running, trampolining, go-karting and one of the highlights, bunjy-running, particularly when Leo managed to ‘out-bunjee’ Dan – a feat indeed!

In addition to the physical activities, the children enjoyed collecting firewood, hand-painting mugs, beautiful open fields, raucous singing and story telling around the camp fire and impressive tree climbing. Marshmallows dunked in hot chocolate and ‘dampers’ made with Mags on an open fire, all helped to generate marvellous memories to be cherished for many years to come.

As the two classes mixed together seamlessly, the children benefited from new friendships, thanks to late, chatty nights and early dawn choruses, all in the adventurous spirit of outdoor life. The staff loved the company of happy children, the ease of blue sky days and the challenge of very little sleep…

Many thanks to all the well-behaved children, the energetic staff and kind, enthusiastic  crew at Tolmers for creating a truly successful trip for everyone.