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Cookery Studio

Our Mission

To improve the health of our diverse, multi-generational community by bringing people together to inspire a love of excellent food through extraordinary education.


It’s Up and Running!

We are extremely excited that our wonderful Cookery Studio is now up and running but we do need a little help equipping the studio so we can get our cookery lessons properly underway.

So if you can help us in any way, please have a look at the following:


Amazon Wishlist

We’ve created an Amazon wishlist with some of the essential items that we still need, if you would like to, you can order an item from that list and have it delivered directly to the school.


Glass Ramekins

We’d also like any small clear glass ramekins, the type deserts, such as individual cheesecakes, come in (Gu etc) .


Small Pyrex jugs

If you’re a Sainsbury’s or Ocado shopper, the small Pyrex jugs (0.25l) that we need are much cheaper there (£4) and we’d be grateful for any donations as we need 20 in total.



If you have any metal cutlery that you no longer need it would be very helpful to have so the children can taste the food they cook. It doesn’t need to be all matching.


Pestles and Mortars

If you have one of these sitting unused in the back of a cupboard we’d love to have it so the children can try grinding their own spices.


Plastic washing capsule boxes

If you buy washing powder/dishwasher tablets in plastic boxes (Persil, Fairy etc) please could you save those boxes for us as they’re very useful for waste caddies during lessons.


Plastic takeaway boxes with lids

Thank you for the donations already dropped off. As a reminder, these will be very useful for the children to bring homes samples of their cooking for you to taste.


Please leave all donations in the box outside the office or in the cookery studio itself.

Thank you so much for all your support.