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Early Birds & Night Owls


Early Birds

The Early Birds Breakfast Club at Highgate Primary is for children from Reception to Year 6.

Due to the need for children to remain in their class bubbles, the arrangements for Breakfast Club will be slightly different to that prior to lockdown.

Early Birds Breakfast Club sessions start at 8.00 am. Each bubble will be allocated a table within the Dining Centre, at which children will be served breakfast and provided with a range of table top activities. Children join their class at the start of the school day.

How much does it cost?

£3.35 per session

£3.10 per siblings and whole week booking

Sessions can be booked using the form below:

Early Birds Booking Form Word 

Early Birds Booking Form PDF

Please complete this as soon as possible and return to

Please note:

All places must be booked in advance.

For emergency bookings, please book before 3.30pm the day before, as there is no drop-in service on the day.

You will be charged for cancellations or ‘no shows’, unless you inform us  24 hours before.


Night Owls After School Club 

Here are the forms for the Summer Term 2021. In response to current guidance, in particular the need to ensure children remain in bubbles wherever possible, the nature of after school provision will differ from that provided in previous years.

Night Owls Booking Form word version

Night Owls Booking Form pdf version 


What we can offer

Until guidance changes, each year group will effectively have its own after-school club which will run from the end of the school day to 5.30 pm, Monday to Friday. Each club will operate in its own unique space within the school, which will be set up to provide an age-appropriate environment. Each session will offer a combination of directed activities and free play with a blend of sports, art, craft and games. Each day will have a different focus to ensure children are happy and engaged.

How do I book?

For advance bookings, please complete the Bookings Form which is available through the website, or the School Office and e-mail it to

For one-off, occasional or last minute bookings please, call on the main number 020 8340 7023 and email the Booking Form.

How much does it cost?

Advance rates
Daily advance rate (booked & paid one week or more in advance): £10.00
Concessions * (children eligible for Free School Meals). £8.50
Last-minute rates
Next day rate (before 3pm the day before) £12.50
Emergency rate (booked on the day) £15.00
Late collection fee
Late up to 30 minutes £ 10.00

You can also book a Night Owls Top Up for £5.

*N.B. Concessions apply only when payments are made a week or more in advance. There is no concession for any other type of booking.

How do I pay?

All payments must be made online at

As with all clubs, we operate a ‘pay before you play’ policy.

For regular bookings, you must pay half a term in advance.

For occasional, irregular or one-off bookings, payments must still be made in advance.

Who runs Night Owls?

The Night Owls clubs will be overseen by Ellie Svennevig, with a named member of staff allocated to each year group as follows:

Reception         Minnie Baker-Samson

Year 1              Sam Izzet/Lisa Lacrette

Year 2              Dipo Adeluwoye

Year 3              Randa Khalil/Ashleigh Roulston

Year 4            Ellie Svennevig

Year 5              Alpha Diaw /Devon Bent

Year 6              John Sukhdeo/Dario Nwokeji-Savino

What if my child is ill?

If your child is off school due to illness, you will not be charged for your Night Owls booking.

What if my child does not attend a booked session?

If your child does not attend for any other reason apart from illness and you do not notify the School Office before the day during office hours, no refund will be given.

Where do I pick up my child?

You collect your child at 5.30 from the Early Years Gate on Storey Road.

Will my child be fed?

A range of healthy snacks will be available for children to enjoy within the sessions.