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This Year’s teaching team is led by Rosie Pike and Tom Bhanji.

In Reception class our aim is to make sure that children feel settled, confident and happy coming to school. We also strive to build supportive and positive relationships with children’s families. The Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum emphasises the development of the whole child and it is through strong relationships between home and school that we support the holistic development of the children in our class.

Getting to know you

Our year starts in September with a focus on settling in to Reception class with the theme ‘Getting to know you, getting to know all about you!’ We start making friends, learn the school’s Golden Rules, find out where to eat our lunch, wash ourselves and go to the loo!

Burglar Bill

Before Christmas we feel the long arm of the law. We have a police station in the classroom and a visit from two of Haringey’s police officers.  We go to see a Christmas production, often at Jackson’s Lane theatre and end the term treading the boards ourselves with our highly acclaimed Nativity play.

Pirating Adventures

After the Christmas break we set sail on the High Seas for pirating adventures. We visit the Golden Hinde and find out all about the creatures that lurk at the bottom of the beautiful, briny sea.

What a performance

In the second half of the Spring Term we present our class assemblies to the whole school. This gets everyone in the mood for performing and it’s a real treat for the parents too!

All things bright and beautiful

In the Summer, our theme is ‘All things bright and beautiful’. We will be visit the National Gallery and also look at colours and patterns in nature. Our theme also includes a look at wild, endangered, domestic and working animals, as well as the world’s tiniest creatures. No doubt we will also learn about lots of unrelated topics too, due to our approach where each week different children have the opportunity to explore and share their own current interests and fascinations.