• "Wonderful school. Nurturing environment. Imaginative curriculum with fantastic opportunities. Happy children!"

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Parent and Pupil Feedback

At Highgate Primary, we work closely with our school community. Your feedback is highly valued by the school and we really appreciate your thoughts and comments.

Feedback postcards and a post box is available in our reception, so please do feel free to share your ideas.

Equally, you can email communications@highgate-pri.haringey.sch.uk

“It’s a lovely , and caring and kind school , everyone is so friendly.”

Highgate Primary School Feedback

Comments from Parents & Pupils

Action by School

General Ethos  
“I think this school is really fun and teaches us a lot”


“I think the school is amazing. It has a wonderful and inclusive culture to learning. “  
“Great ethos and love the school, super balance”  
“Good school”  
“It’s out first experience in the UK and we are so impressed to see how the school welcomed our daughter. But above all how they take time to make our daughter feel good in this new environment”


“We love the school”  
“Very happy, friendly, unique school! Progress made really quickly and I couldn’t be happier.”


“This school is simply amazing! I don’t think I could find one thing to complain about. My children absolutely love it and this is a proof that everyone is doing a great job here. The thing I am mostly impressed with is teacher’s dedication and enthusiasm, school’s involvement and the shows. I couldn’t expect more!


“ I love Highgate Primary school”  
“We are very pleased that Highgate is now encouraging the more able students to achieve their best potential. The state sector is often criticised for neglecting the higher achievers in favour of supporting the weaker students and getting them moved up. I am very happy this is not the case at Highgate and every child matters.”


“I think it’s a great school.”


“We are very happy with the school, its approach and activity of the children, parents and teachers in regards to the development of the children.”


“The one aspect I think could help the children for secondary school would be to add some science to the curriculum.”


The school is giving science a higher profile. High profile events have included: Science Week, Living Eggs, First Aid Live, Quantum Theatre, introduction of Science Clubs
“I want more art in school” The school has appointed a specialist Art Teacher for January 2017, with a view to raising the profile of the subject and maximising the use of the studio
“Communication between teachers/school and parents not as clear as could be at times.


Appointment of Marketing, Development and Communications Officer December 2015 to improve all aspects of home school communication
“Just think they need to inform parents more ahead and give notice of activities” As above.
The school is very well organised and there is a clear plan for each term. Communication between the school and parents is strong. It fosters family involvement in both education and PSA activities. Keep up the good work.”


“Communication between teachers/ school and parents is good’
Outdoor Education
“Love forest school”
“Friendly, safe, good teachers, good use of local area, Highgate woods etc.
“Would be great to have forest school in all years” Forest school has been successfully introduced into Year 3
“Shall we get some volunteers to clean up the path behind the playground?” Working parties have improved the state of the playground
“I’m concerned that the younger children are exposed to a lot of swearing. I understand that this is common in year 5.” This is continually monitored and would not appear to be widespread. That said, the school works with individual children where this has been identified to be occurring.


“I like the idea of children of all ages mixing at playtime.” Children from Reception to year 6 now mix within the playground. This trial has been very successful and will continue into the future


“Please change the toilets!!! They look very sad.” The toilets were upgraded in Summer 2016
“The toilet – smelly and in need of toilet paper and soap quite often. Have seen empty soap dispensers for weeks.” As above
“Wish they had a uniform” No plans to introduce a uniform
“Wish they did nativity play in every year, not just reception” No plans to extend beyond EYFS
“People should get their parents to come early” They should!
“My children feel that as they get older there are fewer opportunities to read independently in the classroom.” This is due to curriculum pressure. At school we teach the skills and provide opportunities for children to read but children need to practise reading at home.