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At Highgate Primary we believe in giving the children many opportunities for performance which we see as a valuable way for the children to develop their confidence.

Every class performs an assembly in front of their parents and the whole school at least once a year. The quality of the performances is valued, with time devoted to script writing, making props and costumes, learning lines and rehearsing. As well as being highly entertaining, the assemblies are fantastic learning experiences for all of the children at school.

Alice in Wonderland 2015

The whole school Christmas Show is the highlight of the year, with every child and staff member playing their part. The most recent productions of The Wizard of Oz, The Jungle Book, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Scrooge, Mary Poppins and Alice in Wonderland have received overwhelmingly positive feedback from the school community.

Alice at Highgate Primary School

At the end of the summer term, Year 6 always put on a fantastic musical after SATS have finished. The children are involved in every element of the production and it is one of the  real highlights of the year for the whole school.

Year 6 Show 2015