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Parent Partnership

We know schools work best when parents our engaged with their child’s education. We are fortunate that our parents give invaluable support in a variety of ways to everyday school life.

In the early years at school, parents are often asked to volunteer to help with general classroom activities. In addition, teachers may request parental help with specific projects in the classroom. This might include help with art or design and technology projects such as cooking, where extra adults provide invaluable support. The school also welcomes and encourages parents with specific skills and knowledge to come in and share expertise with the children.

Working parents who are unable to get into school during the day give support in other ways. This might include responding to parent questionnaires, offering useful suggestions and ideas for school initiatives, attending out of hours school events and supporting fund raising projects.

A number of parents help by supporting children with their reading. The school provides training through a scheme called ‘Better Reading Partners’ to parents who are able to offer a regular time each week to work with individual children. Parents who commit to this role build very special relationships with their reading partner, and this kind of parental support is

Parentmail has been introduced very successfully to the school community over the last two years. All letters from school are emailed to parents and important reminders can even be sent by text. Feedback on this service has been very positive since ‘pupil post’ isn’t always as reliable as it should be! It has also dramatically reduced our consumption of paper in line with our commitment to be a greener school.

Parental Partnership Policy