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Community Curriculum


The class curriculum is enhanced by an exciting community curriculum. As a school serving a multi-cultural community, we use special assemblies to learn about current events and festivals and faith days from around the world.

In October we celebrate Black History Month with speakers, dance events and art projects in school culminating in our  community celebration, Black History Night.

The Harvest Festival Concert has a global theme focusing on harvests around the world and issues of inequality. The whole school singing (and signing), led by the choir is always a very memorable experience.

At Christmas every child and member of staff contributes to the Christmas Show, This year parents will be treated to a performance of Alice in Wonderland and in previous years we performed Scrooge – a Ghost of a Chance and Mary Poppins.

Rainbow Day is looked forward to all year by the children who come to school wearing as many colours as possible, with the aim of winning the highly coveted Rainbow Cup for their class.

The One World Evening is the ultimate celebration of our multi-cultural school. Children, parents and grandparents come to the hall, often dressed in traditional clothing, bringing a homemade dish from their particular culture. It is a chance to try delicious food from around the world; from salt fish and ackee to kofte, Ghanian stew and jerk chicken to scones with strawberry jam and clotted cream. Traditional dancers and live music adds to the atmosphere.

Once a year each class has an Inspire Event. Every child from the class brings in an adult who is special to them – this could be a parent, grandparent, uncle, family friend or neighbour – for an exciting activity. The children and adult work together on a fun challenge that could be to create a building for giant city out of construction toys and junk; writing something for a poetry slam; making chairs out of newspaper for a favourite teddy; or making rockets out of alka seltzer tablets, water and plastic bottles – and launching them! Inspire Days are always great fun and a wonderful way for children to have some dedicated one-to-one time with their chosen adult. The adults also find the experience very satisfying and enjoy the experience of learning something new with the children.