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Following our inspection in Spring 2023, I am pleased to share with you the final version of our Ofsted report here.

Whilst this was an ungraded inspection, the headline is that Ofsted considered there to be enough evidence of improved performance to suggest that the school may well have been judged ‘outstanding’ had this been a graded inspection. The school’s next inspection will therefore be a graded inspection, with Ofsted set to return in a year or two.

I am delighted with the report, which I feel captures the spirit of our unique school. Whilst we have never changed our ethos to fit within any Ofsted framework, it is nonetheless very gratifying to receive external validation of the wonderful work of all sections of our school community. Please do take time to give it a good read.

To read the full report of our ungraded inspection, please follow the link below:

Highgate Primary Ofsted 2023