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At Highgate Primary we believe being involved in the arts can have a lasting and transformative effect on the lives of individuals and communities, whose sense of identity and purpose can be changed through such engagement. Our vision is to harness children’s creative energies, by providing opportunities to express themselves artistically through a wide range of media and stimuli.


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Spacious studio and specialist Art Studio Manager

We are fortunate to have a stunning, spacious Art Studio at Highgate Primary.

Our Art Studio Manager, Andrea Rodriguez Lagartos, runs daily art sessions for groups of children to discover and develop their artistic talent; explore new media, solve problems and imagine.


Art Activities

Art activities are linked to class topics in every year group. Right up to Year 6, children have the opportunity to develop their understanding and interpretation of class topics through Art. Their work is then displayed prominently throughout the school for the enjoyment of all – pupils, staff and parents.


Art Projects & Workshops

Special art projects and workshops are arranged from time to time. Local professional artists take up residency in the Art Studio, enabling the children to work on collaborative art projects. Artists lead inspiring workshops to help children explore, push boundaries and dare to try new techniques.

Examples of Art Workshops led by local artists and artistic parents:

  • We were incredibly fortunate to welcome local artist Ruth Conway to work on another project at Highgate Primary School, alongside fellow artist Ali Crowther and all the amazingly talented children from our Reception class all the way to Year 6. The children and artists collectively decided to make a big, bright piece of work, full of energy and life, inspired by Gustav Klimt. They looked at the painting of the Tree of Life, which is a study of a series of three mosaics created by Klimt for a 1905-1911 commissioned work at the Palais Stoclet in Brussels, Belgium. The Highgate Primary Tree of Life –  a combination of embroidery, sewing (including the tricky bit of sewing into the canvas), beading, gluing and drawing helped to complete this uplifting, exciting and beautiful piece of collaborative art  is now proudly displayed at school.We would like to thank the Highgate Decorative & Fine Arts Society for kindly supporting this fantastic project.
  • Yu Qi, a Chinese origami expert, showed Year 6 children how to cut and fold paper to create intricate designs. The challenges grew progressively difficult as the session went on but the children responded well and learnt to appreciate the possibilities of this exciting art form.
  • Julie Held, artist and educator at The Royal Drawing school gave a session on portraiture. Julie set the children the task of drawing a partner several times using charcoal and then paint. Fantastic results and lots of encouragement.
  • Jacky Oliver, a metal artist, showed a group of children how to design and make a mould out of a cuttlefish. She explained how to use a blowtorch to melt metal and pour it into the moulds to create fantastic medals for a charity Fun Run. Thrilled children and amazing medals.
  • Ally Gentili, a visual merchandiser and expert in a wide range of crafts, had great fun with the children creating a cardboard sculpture of a favella city which keeps growing and growing.
  • James Lloyd, acclaimed portrait painter, gave a session on still-life painting. Children brought in and painted their favourite toys. James showed some of his own paintings of toys and taught them new techniques with fantastic results.



The inaugural Highgate Primary Art Exhibition on 18th July 2017 during the Open Evening was a huge success. Thank you very much to Johanna for her direction and inspiration. Below are some examples of the stunning artwork:


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