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Michael Batoux’s Cookbook

Fundraising Target – £4000

Total Raised – £4333


After five fantastic photo shoots, with so many incredible people donating their time and talent, the cookbook team are making enormous progress. Thanks to the hugely successful Egg and Spoon Race and fantastic help from our school community, we have exceeded our fundraising target for Michael Batoux’s Cookbook, with a phenomenal £4333 raised.

We are so grateful for everyone’s support for this very special project and we will keep you posted regarding the publication date for the book!


A little teaser of the cookbook…

We are creating a cookbook to commemorate our school chef, Michael Batoux, who tragically died last summer.

The cookbook will be filled with a variety of Michael’s popular vegetarian, vegan, meat and fish recipes, accompanied by beautiful photos of his international cuisine.

As well as celebrating Michael’s extraordinary passion for food and inspirational work at Highgate Primary School, any profits from the book will go towards funding cookery classes at school.


Individual Donations
Donations of any amount are hugely appreciated. Any donations above £10 will be listed in a private donors’ section of the book.

Corporate Donations
Corporate donations of £100 or above will be acknowledged in the corporate donations’ section of the book, as well as on the school website.
If you own a business, or know anyone who may be interested, please email michaelbcookbook@gmail.com for more information.


Sponsored Egg & Spoon Race
A fundraising event was arranged for Friday 21st May, when children were invited to take part in the Michael Batoux Chef’s Egg and Spoon race. The objective was for all children to complete a challenging obstacle course, balancing an egg on a spoon, whilst dressed in a chef’s outfit. All classes from year 1 to year 6 took part during the day and it was a huge and hilarious success.

Photographs from the event will be included within the book.


The Cookbook Team
The team is a group of volunteering parents and school cooks, inspired by Michael to make this book happen.


Thank you!

So many people have helped already… A huge thank you to:

Adam T. Adamis (www.adamis.co.uk), a talented, professional, local photographer who kindly gave us his time and expertise for the 1st photoshoot.

Matthew Hague, (@matthewhague on Instagram) another talented photographer who also gave us his time and talent for the 2nd photoshoot.

We were incredibly fortunate to have the brilliant and highly respected  Jemima Hetherington  as our Stylist and Director of our 2nd photoshoot.

Nuala Sharkey – the wonderful, super talented photographer and stylist for our 3rd photo shoot.

Madeleine Winston – a brilliant photographer, specialising in fitness photography.

Chef Nunzio – the wonderful Head Chef at Citro restaurant, Swain’s Lane.

Javad Mahdavi – another incredibly talented, professional local photographer.

Neither Nuala, Jemima, Adam, Mathew, Madeleine, Nunzio or Javad knew Michael Batoux personally but they were moved by his story and kindly agreed to help us. We are incredibly grateful.


We hope you will join us to help celebrate Michael Batoux and ensure his culinary legacy lives on at Highgate Primary.

Many thanks and bon appétit!

William and the Cookbook Team

For any further information or questions, please email: michaelbcookbook@gmail.com