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Day 4 – Thursday 12th September

And then there was the disco…..

Since I last wrote we have enjoyed 2 packed days of thrilling activities.  Highlights include descending down a Welsh coal mine, stories from our guide  (en ex miner who is as much of a draw as the museum itself), a Welsh story teller who made us laugh out loud and jump with fright in equal measure, a night walk with our torches and canoeing down a canal. Tonight is the disco. The talk of the town? Who will Faye be going with of course.


Day 3 – Wednesday 11th September


Nothing like a coastal walk to lift the spirits!

Or a splash in Swansea Bay?

And if things get really bad, you can always jump in an open canoe and get away from it all.

Day 2 -Tuesday 10th September

After leaving the dark skies and cold rain of London, we arrived at Pendarren House to be greeted by brilliant sunshine. We had our evening’s activity – an orienteering walk around the grounds – and learnt our rules and routines for the week. The evening meal was welcomed by all after our afternoon of walking through rivers, scaling walls and sprinting up steep hills. Following supper, the children wrote letters home and we had our fire drills.

After this, Year 6 had a chance to check out each other’s PJs in ‘The Great Pajama Parade’ which was great fun.The first night passed calmly – most children were asleep the moment their heads hit the proverbial pillow – and soon it was time to rise for breakfast (cereal, toast, tea, eggs and bacon).So far today we have had groups on the beach, groups up a mountain, groups under a waterfall and groups learning how to whittle sticks and light a camp fire – and it’s only 2 pm. The afternoon activities are now under way and I must go and join the children. After dinner tonight we have a quiz and possibly some swimming! I will write again soon.


Day 1 -Monday 9th September

After a long journey, we all arrived safely at Pendarren House for an afternoon of getting our bearings. The house and scenery is absolutely beautiful – but the real adventures begin tomorrow.