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Highgate Primary Curriculum

We think that the best way to achieve high standards is to provide teaching that captures children’s imaginations. With an innovative approach to teaching and learning, the Highgate Primary curriculum does that and more, with activities that enthuse and challenge every child.

Rather than having timetabled lessons for each subject, our curriculum is taught through topics that cover the national curriculum subjects in a relevant and engaging way. Our topics have been specially designed to reflect the interests of our children and make full us of the local area. This might include researching the lives of children in Highgate during the Second World War, or studying the hideouts of Dick Turpin for the topic ‘The Ghosts of Highgate Past’. Other recent topics have included Flight, Explorers and Adventurers and The Circus. We aim to develop all of the children’s unique skills and talents and provide opportunities for everyone to shine.

We understand that children learn in different ways and in all sorts of environments, so we aim to be outside the classroom and outdoors as much as possible. It could be storytelling in the Peace Garden, tree climbing and bug hunting in Highgate Wood or a trip to the National Gallery.

Thinking skills are at the heart of our curriculum. We have recently introduced philosophy sessions in which the class are presented with a different thought-provoking stimulus to encourage discussion. The stimulus could be a book, an object or an animation. The children are encouraged to think, listen, reflect, express what they think, and respect each other’s opinions.